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Performance Specifications

Running Time: 2 1/4 hours

Cast: 13 (4 Female, 9 Male)

Scenes & Songs

Scene 1 The Cemetery Dusty Road
2 Main Street, Harmonton Uh-Huh!
3 Boggy Gut Chip Chip Dee
4 The Claiborne Verandah You're One of My Children
Just the One Night
5a In the Woods The Skunk Cantata
5b Around the Fire Lissy
6 The Gundy Shack,
and on the road to Town
Be Like You!
7a The Claiborne Store One Day I Went to Washington
7b Calvin's Office
8 Main Street There is a Man
9 Before the Harmon House Reprise Just the One Night
I Don't Live There Anymore
Scene 1a The Cemetery Our Star
1b The Cemetery I'm a Never Was!
2 A Hospital Room Keep On
3 The Firehouse Who Gonna Speak?
4 Claiborne Verandah Tell Him!
No One
5 The Depot
6 Claiborne Store Life & Death
7 Main Street
8 The Cemetery
9 Claiborne Verandah Reprise Keep On

I Don't Live There Anymore - Home